Our Services

The management and experts of the Neo BioMed Services, with its vast experience in the areas of biomedical research, product development, policy regulations and policy management offer solutions to all your business requirements in an efficient manner for your health-care and pharmaceutical including natural products and services. Our services can help you obtain Government regulatory approvals, Government lobbying and liaison, Finding best of class partners / vendors; Fund raising, Venture Capital and other capital, Identification of suitable key partners for co-development and marketing in different parts of the world and India Entry Consulting Services. It can provide industry insights to requirements of various ministries / departments of the Indian government with regard to vaccines, diagnostics, recombinant therapeutics, plant vaccines, medicinal plants and herbal products, animal and poultry vaccines and products, plant tissue culture etc.


With its vast experience and the knowledge of the government policies and requirements related to regulatory requirements of drug development and manufacturing and to develop quality products in highly competitive economy to be cost-effective at a rapid pace, Neo BioMed Services helps in finding the right partner for Contract Research / Clinical Research /Clinical Trial Partner for Manufacturing / Marketing / Sales of Pharmaceuticals drugs, Enzymes / Chemicals / Minerals/Vitamins/ Supplements, Food, Additives, Flavors, other biologics and medical devices.

Natural Products Biotechnology is given special thrust and Contract Research is facilitated for drug development, manufacturing and vending of herbal, medicinal and aromatic products including organic farming.

Pre-Clinical Toxicology

Neo BioMed Services arrange a wide array of toxicological services through its contractual and collaborative arrangements with internationally recognized research institutions in India. Both non-GLP toxicology studies intended to provide preliminary assessment of a drug's safety, as well as GLP-compliant toxicology studies are facilitated. Assistance is provided to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in leveraging India for their drug development needs. Our toxicology services include:

  • Acute, Sub-acute, and Sub-chronic toxicology studies.
  • Full range of Histology, Chemistry, Urinalysis and Histopathology
  • Genotoxicity Testing
  • Carcinogenecity Testing
  • Reproductive Toxicology

Regulatory Clearances

We have proven records and provide complete solutions and services related to regulatory clearances involving the relevant ministries / departments of the government. The services include:

  • Grant of test license for drugs, approvals of Protocols for BE / CT and issue of final permissions for Manufacturing & Marketing of Bulk drugs & Formulations , Issue of Import license, Export permission for drugs including locally banned items from Ministry of Health.
  • Securing Registration of Manufacturing plant of Bulk drugs and Formulations and Medical devices from Ministry of Health.
  • Drafting papers on behalf of industry for policy formulation by Government & Policy clarifications.
  • Preparing case for norms fixation by (DGFT) Ministry of Commerce.
  • Preparing case for policy relaxation where necessary e.g. Export obligation period extension, grant of advance license etc.
  • We also undertake new project from selection of land till the final NOCs from various government offices for putting up the new units
  • Permissions from various government agencies for new ventures / joint ventures
  • Co-ordination between the company and various organizations for Company Formation , Patents, Setting up a New Manufacturing Unit , Industrial Licenses , Approval of R & D Center and Approvals for GMP and GLP facilities from the relevant ministries / departments of the government.

Technology Transfer

Neo BioMed Services helps you to outsource non-clinical development of your pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices and biologics products through effective Technology Transfer by finding suitable and the right partners in the right phase of development.
Neo BioMed Services also helps in locating right partners in ideal CRO / hospitals /academic institution for all your clinical trial needs of all different phases. Technology Transfer is effected through:

  • Identification of Suitable Licensee and Technology Transfer
  • Continuous monitoring for expeditious commercialization
  • Sourcing Technologies From Abroad
  • Identification and Sourcing of Technologies

Services Related to APIs

NeoBioMed offers services to the companies keen on import / export and promotion of their actives in Indian market of bulk pharmaceuticals including APIs are provided services on commission basis.

NeoBioMed Services, a Registered Indian Company having its own Office/Storage/ Drug License would be willing to:

  1. Provide Services to become the Indenting Agents in India with base at New Delhi
  2. Help in Securing Registration of Manufacturing plant of Bulk drugs, products and formulations from Ministry of Health for ultimate import of the drugs into the country
  3. Help in Grant of test license for drugs, approvals of Protocols for BE / CT and issues of final permissions for Manufacturing & Marketing of Bulk drugs & Formulations, Issue of Import license, Export permission for drugs including locally banned items from the concerned agencies of health ministry.
  4. Support selling of product in the Indian Market through L/C where all payments are secured.
  5. Facilitate developing any commercial relations with an Indian pharma / biopharma/ medical device company adhering to International Standards and Norms and WHO-GMP and may require interactions with the various ministries/departments trade bodies and Indian embassies/ missions for Business Development.

Business Solutions

Neo BioMed Services provides support to your business in terms of:

  • Finding quality distributors / buyers for your products; pharmaceutical drugs, biologics, nutraceuticals, other dietary supplements and medical devices in India and abroad
  • Provides complete support from the beginning until the end for establishing an office for your company or representation of your company in India
  • Identify suitable production facility /research and development facility at established biotech parks and special economic zones.
  • Identifying suitable partners in Universities / Institutions for all your research and development needs.
  • Neo BioMed Services helps find venture capitalists for your technology and products; identify and communicate with appropriate venture capitalists for your technology and products.

Contract Manufacturing

Neo BioMed Services can find and communicate with partners who meet the FDA’s/ WHO compliance requirements for contract manufacturing of your pharmaceutical drugs, biologics, medical devices and dietary supplement products and provide support from the beginning until the end including the implementation phase of the deal.

Neo BioMed Services is partnering with its Business Associates providing world class manufacturing facilities (fully GMP compliance) suitable as a pharmaceutical production / manufacturing center for the right and cost-effective pharmaceutical partner with excellent quality, turnaround time and client service.

Intl. Regulatory Solutions

NeoBioMed Services believes in quality of service par excellence and is joining hands with national and international consulting agencies in providing support to solutions meeting the strictest regulatory norms. Our business associates in the United States and other countries have proven and successful track record as a regulatory, healthcare and scientific professional providing consulting services on US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Through associates based in USA, Neo BioMed Services provide access to services relating to all US FDA Regulatory Submissions, Professional Development /Training courses available for US Regulatory Affairs.


The vast experience of the managing partners of the Neo BioMed Services in the areas of research and development, science management, policy and regulatory administration both within the country and abroad in broad areas of medical biotechnology, animal biotechnology and aquaculture, infrastructure development, industrial organizations and all issues related to international cooperation gives an advantage of your linking with major hospitals, research institutions, universities and industries. For all your business solutions for contract research and outsourcing of your products, Neo BioMed Services can help you link with:

  • Government Agencies (DBT, ICMR, DST, DSIR, MoEF, MoH&FW, MEA, MHA and State agencies)
  • International organizations
  • Industrial Organizations/Associations (FICCI, CII, ASSOCHAM etc.)
  • Laboratories (Public/Private Universities, Research institutions)