Clinical Toxicology and Biosafety

NeoBioMed Services arrange a wide array of toxicological and biosafety services for Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics & Herbal Products through its contractual and collaborative arrangements with internationally recognized research institutions in India. Both non-GLP toxicology studies intended to provide preliminary assessment of a drug's safety, as well as GLP-compliant toxicology and biosafety studies are facilitated. Analysis is done following the quality norms and protocols of National and International Standards and Pharmacopoeia. Assistance is provided to pharmaceutical and biotechnology drugs companies in leveraging India for their drug development needs. Toxicological and biosafety services are also provided for cosmetic & personal care products, medical devices and food & farm products, which includes quality and impurity evaluation analysis including microbiological studies for product quality, inspection and certification.

Our toxicology services include:

  • Acute, Sub-acute, and Sub-chronic toxicity studies.
  • Genotoxicity Testing
  • Carcinogenecity studies
  • Reproductive Toxicity Studies
  • Biocompatibility
  • Allergic sensitization and irritation studies
  • Eco-toxicity studies