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NeoBioMed Services, founded in May 2006, is a privately held partnership company based in New Delhi, capital city of India. The company is led by a management team headed by its Chief Executive Officer Dr. Brij M. Gandhi(, a scientist and a technocrat with more than 52 years of experience; in clinical research sciences and services; policy and administration with Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India; and post retirement positions as Advisor / Director / Consultant to a number of Universities, Institutions, Industries and Industry Organizations.

Service Provider: NeoBioMed Services is providing complete solutions for import and export of bulk drugs, related regulatory issues involving government dealings, securing registration of manufacturing plant, products and formulations, grant of test license, approvals of protocols for BE / CT and issues of final permissions for manufacturing & marketing. Services include segments for APIs, pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices including bioimplants, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering including stem cell research and application, designing GMP, GLP, containment facilities and other related commercial activities and businesses.


NeoBioMed Services is establishing and helps in partnership with leading medical institutions, research hospitals, individual investigators and industrial houses in India in developing any commercial relations adhering to international standards and norms and WHO-GMP. NeoBioMed supports pharma / biopharma / medical device and In-vitro Diagnostic (IVD) companies for clinical and pre-clinical studies including interactions with concerned departments of the government, trade and industrial organizations.