Business Associates

We believe in providing quality consulting services and all our business associates have been chosen with successful and proven track records. Our business associates not only have extensive knowledge and experience pertaining to their respective fields, but also have quality reputations in their fields of expertise.

Experimental Genomics and Molecular Biology

Technoterra Biosolutions, an associate company of NeoBioMed Services provides innovative-of-the-art and cost-effective technology solutions for R&D projects for experimental genomics and molecular biology. The line of services provided include: Molecular Biology Services (DNA/RNA isolation, Gene Expression analysis, Genotyping, microRNA profiling, Cell line Authentication Service; Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Services (Whole Genome Sequencing, Targeted re-sequencing, Metagenomics and RNAseq for Gene expression, Small RNA Discovery; New transcript discovery analysis and Functional analysis of Gene Expression data; Data analysis Services (Bioinformatic analysis of Q-PCR, Microarray and NGS data); Clinical Genomics Services (genotyping assays for Clopidogrel sensitivity and warfarin sensitivity, beta-Hemoglobin (HBB) analysis for Thalassemia mutations and Sickle Cell anemia mutations, investigative exome sequencing for undiagnosed genetic disorders). Tailor made solutions are provided for other molecular tests for inherited disease panel, cardiomyopathy panel, Cancer panel, pGx-panel, genotypic drug resistance testing for HIV and tuberculosis, mitochondrial disorders etc.). Information and quotes can be obtained at, Phone: +91-981 016 5637 or +91-989 972 2444

Genetic Diagnostic/ Cytogenetic / Microarray Analysis

We offer advanced genomics technologies and diagnostic services in cytogenetic for pediatric, pre-natal and hematological malignancies through our partner laboratory. The ranges of services include Cytogenetic testing including Chromosome Analysis (peripheral blood, amniotic fluid, chorionic villus vampling (CVS), cord blood sample, products of conception, skin biopsy, bone marrow, lymph node, solid tumor; FISH studies for Aneuploidy Panel, Microdeletion syndromes, Leukemia and Lymphoma panel, individual probes for specific subsets; Genomic microarray analysis on peripheral blood, bone marrow and solid tumor specimens; Molecular tests for detection of various single gene disorders and mutations; Genetic counseling to patients to help them understand and take informed decisions for genetic testing and results; Result interpretation, validation and consulting and advisory service; Collaborative research with various medical institutions and universities.


Manufacturing/Production of Pharmaceuticals and Biologics

Our business associates are professionally managed groups engaged in manufacturing, marketing and selling of state-of–the-art developed healthcare products and services to customers in domestic as well as international markets. The range of products addresses the need of indications in three chronic disease areas i.e. cardiovascular diseases, disorders of central nervous system; and musculoskeletal conditions. The product range includes ethical prescription pharmaceuticals, vitamins, minerals and supplements and other healthcare products with portfolio of more than 100 products being manufactured in ultra modern plants with the best facility available for manufacturing as per international standards and WHO-GMP norms. The facilities provide products of oral dosages of tablets, capsules, liquids and soft gelatin capsules, and the injectables. The companies also are in pursuit of strategies related to product research and development, market and sales, new markets and providing ultra modern new manufacturing facilities providing opportunities to develop product line extensions and new chemical entities.