Associated Partners

Specialized services are provided through our Associated Partners having necessary infrastructure,extensive knowledge, experience and proven
track records pertaining to their respective field.

We are continuously seeking to associate with other partners willing to provide natural & organic product, devices to meet the Challenging need for Pandemic.

Experimental Genomics and Molecular Biology



The line of services provided include: Molecular Biology Services; Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Services; New transcript discovery analysis and Functional analysis of Gene Expression data; Data analysis Services; Clinical Genomics Services. Tailor made solutions are provided for molecular tests for inherited disease panel, cardiomyopathy panel, Cancer panel, pGx-panel, genotypic drug resistance testing for HIV and tuberculosis, mitochondrial disorders etc.


Genetic Diagnostic/ Cytogenetic / Microarray Analysis


Associated Laboratory. The ranges of services include Cytogenetic testing including Chromosome Analysis; FISH studies; Genomic microarray analysis; Molecular tests for detection of single gene disorders and mutations; Genetic counseling to patients to help them understand and take informed decisions for genetic testing and results; Result interpretation, validation and consulting and advisory service; Collaborative research with various medical institutions and universities.



                                                      Further information and quotes can be obtained at E-mail:, Phone:  +91-11-41735051, +91-989 972 2444